Welcome to Aayaan Chemicals - Manufacturers of Tailor-made Carbons



Q. What all grades of Activated Carbon are manufactured by you?

A. We are manufacturing Powder, Granular and Eno grades of Activated Carbon for different applications. We are specialized to produce tailor made carbons conforming to the specifications of our valuable clients.

Q. Do you have a separate QA/QC Unit?

A. Yes, we have a separate QA/QC unit at our works with a dedicated laboratory having latest equipments for all necessary testing and evaluation. 

Q. What is the method of activation used by you? 

A. We produce high quality grades of Activated Carbon by steam activation of wood charcoal at controlled temperature.

Q. Do you manufacture food grade activated carbon? 

A. Yes, we already have clients using food grade activated carbon manufactured by us. 

Q. What raw materials are used by you for the manufacturing of activated carbon? 

A. We are using pine, conifer, popular, eucalyptus and bansu wood charcoal for the production of various grades of activated carbon for different applications.